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Infant formula is one of most vital baby food, and consumers are more concerned regarding its quality. This has further increased the demand for organic and high quality infant formula among consumers. Since organic milk powder is a major base of organic infant formula, its demand is expected to increase over the coming years. Furthermore, organic milk powder is more nutritious than conventional milk powder, as it is beneficial for promoting immune health and useful for brain and eye development of babies. Key characteristics such as absence of artificial flavor, hormones, preservatives, and other artificially-sourced ingredients enhance the quality of the products.

In 2019, Wattle Health Australia launched a new baby organic formula range under the brand name Uganic, which is formulated from 100% organic milk.

The organic milk powder market has witnessed substantial growth in the past few years, and this trend is expected to continue through the course of the forecast period (2020 to 2030). The global organic milk powder market is estimated to rise at a steady CAGR of 6% during the forecast period.

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Key Takeaways from Organic Milk Powder Market Study

By type, whey powder is dominating the global organic milk powder market with the highest market value share. The availability of high protein content and wide applicability are major contributing factors for its prominent market value share.
The nutraceutical industry is expected to witness substantial growth in the global organic milk powder market during the forecast period. This is attributable to the growing utilization of whey powder and skimmed milk powder in functional food and high protein supplements.
Organic milk powder is still heavily used in numerous dairy products, including milk, cream, and other products, to enhance taste and offer major nutrients. Owing to this factor, dairy, a sub-segment of the food processing industry, has the highest market value share in the organic milk powder market.

Online retail is projected to witness high growth during the forecast period under the business to consumer segment of distribution channel. Increasing Internet penetration in developing countries along with easy availability of products are major factors for this growth.
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the supply chain of the food and beverage industry, which, in turn, has lessened the demand for organic milk powder. Growth will gradually get back to normal with the easing of lockdowns and restrictions across the world.
“Manufactures in the organic milk powder market could gain broad profits by targeting manufacturers of snacks and beverages, along with nutraceutical industry players, with the expected increase of organic milk powder used to produce sugar & chocolate confectionery and functional food. Moreover, the growing utilization of organic whole milk powder in foodservice restaurants is another potential growth factor for the market,” says a PMR analyst.

Organic Milk Powder Market: Competitive Landscape

The organic milk powder market is fragmented in nature. Key players operating in the organic milk powder market are adapting their market strategies to benefit the most from prevailing market trends. Leading manufacturers are adopting strategies such as business expansion and acquisitions, with focus on increasing production capacity. Additionally, manufacturers are aiming to cater to the rising number of health-conscious consumers to gain a competitive advantage in this space.

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