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Global Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Market: Overview

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) hold profound potential in replacing the use of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) as important tool for drug discovery and development, disease modeling, and transplantation medicine. Advent of new approaches in reprogramming of somatic cells to produce iPSCs have considerably advanced stem cell research, and hence the induced pluripotent stem cells market. The iPSC technology has shown potential for disease modeling and gene therapy in various areas of regenerative medicine. Notable candidates are Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord trauma, myocardial infarction, diabetes, leukemia, and heart ailments.

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Over the past few years, researchers have come out with several clinically important changes in reprogramming process; a case in point is silencing retroviruses in the human genome. Molecular mechanisms that underlie reprogramming have gained better understanding. However, the tools based on this growing understanding are still in nascent stage. Several factors affect the efficiency of reprogramming, most notably chromosomal instability and tumor expression. These have hindered researchers to utilize the full therapeutic potential of iPSCs, reflecting an unmet need, and hence, a vast potential in the induced pluripotent stem cells market.

Global Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Market: Growth Dynamics

The growing application of induced pluripotent stem cells in generating patient-specific stem cells for drug development and human disease models is a key dynamic shaping their demands. Growing focus on personalized regenerative cell therapies among medical researchers and healthcare proponents in various countries have catalyzed their scope of induced pluripotent stem cells market. Advent of new methods to induce safe reprogramming of cells have helped biotechnology companies improve the clinical safety and efficacy of the prevailing stem cells therapies. The relentless pursuit of alternative source of cell types for regenerative therapies has led industry players and the research fraternity to pin hopes on iPSCs to generate potentially a wide range of human cell types with therapeutic potential.

Advances pertaining to better utilizing of retrovirus and lentivirus as reprogramming transcription factors in recent years have expanded the avenue for players in the induced pluripotent stem cells market. Increasing focus on decreasing the clinical difference between ESCs and iPSCs in all its entirety has shaped current research in iPSC technologies, thus unlocking new, exciting potential for biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Global Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Market: Notable Development

Over the past few years, fast emerging markets in the global induced pluripotent stem cells are seeing the advent of patents that unveil new techniques for reprogramming of adult cells to reach embryonic stage. Particularly, the idea that these pluripotent stem cells can be made to form any cells in the body has galvanized companies to test their potential in human cell lines. Also, a few biotech companies have intensified their research efforts to improve the safety of and reduce the risk of genetic aberrations in their approved human cell lines. Recently, this has seen the form of collaborative efforts among them.

Lineage Cell Therapeutics and AgeX Therapeutics have in December 2019 announced that they have applied for a patent for a new method for generating iPSCs. These are based on NIH-approved human cell lines, and have been undergoing clinical-stage programs in the treatment of dry macular degeneration and spinal cord injuries. The companies claim to include multiple techniques for reprogramming of animal somatic cells.

Such initiatives by biotech companies are expected to impart a solid push to the evolution of the induced pluripotent stem cells.

Global Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Market: Regional Assessment

North America is one of the regions attracting colossal research funding and industry investments in induced pluripotent stem cells technologies. Continuous efforts of players to generate immune-matched supply of pluripotent cells to be used in disease modelling has been a key accelerator for growth. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific has also been showing a promising potential in the expansion of the prospects of the market. The rising number of programs for expanding stem cell-based therapy is opening new avenues in the market.

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