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The United States accounted for the largest market share in the . The food-producing nation is growing at a higher pace driven by an increase in masses of the US. The country is engaged in the food law harmonization work in coordination with Codex Alimentarius, and different government representatives from the FDA and USDA. The country’s government such as Foodservice & Packaging Institute (FPI), American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI), and Molded Pulp Environmental Packaging Association (IMFA) are some of the food-related associations, which ensures greater food safety including their manufacturing, testing, packaging, and all activities. Moreover, the industry has also developed various voluntary recommended practices concerning, handling and merchandising of the frozen foods, which further driven the growth of the food service packaging market in the United Stes. These practices play a vital role in maintaining the quality of frozen, semi-finished, and processed food products for the benefit of users. Moreover, higher demand for processed food in the United States due to a busy lifestyle is leading to higher growth of food service packaging market.

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Market Insights

Proliferation in production capacity of packaging products

The demand for food packaging is increasing at a high rate owing to, rising consumer interest towards consumption of fresh products with an extended shelf-life and controlled quality. This factor helps the food packaging manufacturers to design and develop new & safe packaging. On another side, a rising population of the North America region approx. 3.58 Bn, puts extra pressure on food production sectors to adopt enhanced food packaging solution to reduce food wastage. Therefore current approach for improving food industry aiming to lower food damage and wastage is by making important investments for the development of novel and innovative technologies for food packaging.

From the last few years, the consumer demands for transparent and less packaging to enable visual validation along with better sustainability and product quality. Continuous rise in the number of food packaging material and packaging technology is driven by changing customer demands for slightly processed and semi-processed foods, new shopper product provision, utilization of automatic handling systems at the distribution centers, and high concern towards customers’ health and safety are some of the factors driving the higher production capacity of packaging solutions. These factors have contributed to the overall growth of the North America food service packaging market.

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Significant market attractiveness for recycling, reusable, and eco-friendly materials provides opportunity for the food service packaging market growth

Nowadays, consumer demands for safe and least-processed food. To match up with all the demands of consumers, the food service packaging players are making significant changes in packaging solutions. Also, growing concern towards the environment, the government of the US has initiated a plan to ban plastic bags from all the major retail stores. In Canada also, many cities are banning the use of plastic straws and also implemented a ban on distribution of polystyrene foam cups and containers, pertaining with the fact that the end users of food packaging are looking forward to sustainable solutions. Vancouver (Canada) has also accepted a restriction on the use of plastic shopping bags and disposable cups. The packaging industry majorly food packaging projects to ensure 100% of packaging is to be recyclable, reusable, or compostable by the future.

Now the companies in food service packaging are seeking ahead to adopt “Less in the way of plastics and single-use materials and more in the way of recycling and sustainable food packaging” solutions. In respect to sustainable packaging, ecologic paper bottles, built from recycled newspapers and corrugated cardboard is gaining high momentum for products such as protein powders, wine, and pet food. Also, TemperPack has made an insulated packaging built from jute and material recycled from the burlap bags, which is used to keep the perishables chilled while shipping, and after-use they are compostable. Therefore, significant market attractiveness for recycling, reusable, and eco-friendly materials is expected to provide growth opportunities to industry players in the North America food service packaging market.

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Packaging Type Insights

The North America food service packaging market by packaging type has been segmented into flexible and rigid. The rigid food service packaging market segment, dominated the North America food service packaging. Rigid packaging consists of cans, bottles, jars, ampules, plastic pots, aerosol containers, tins, and aluminum bottles which are used to pack and store different food and beverage items. This container gives physical protection to the food which is not offered by flexible packaging. These containers are robust in nature due to the amount of material utilized for their production. The rigid containers provide an airtight hermetic seal which helps in preserving the food item from contamination. Hence, rigid food service packaging is driving the North America food service packaging market. Moreover, the flexible food service packaging market is anticipated to grow at a faster pace over the forecast period.

Application Insights

On the basis of application, the North America food service packaging market has been segmented into beverages, prepared meals, fruits and vegetables, bakery and confectionery, dairy products, and others. Under application segment, beverages is the leading segment in the North America food service packaging market. The beverage sector is amongst the front-liners, where huge and significant investments are made for business expansion and technological modification. The packaging of both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages is a challenging technological branch in a food processing /packaging industry. The old and traditional returnable glass bottle has now been replaced by cartons as well as new plastic containers. This has led to a higher demand for food service packaging market North America. The current trend in the packaging industry for beverages aims to improve conventional containers, to produce economic packages, to expand the shelf-life of products, and to deliver better consumer convenience. These factors further propel the demand for food service packaging market.

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