Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

The House and Congress legislators have developed the best version of the National Defense Authorization Act for the financial year 2021. This version will be entering the House and Senate for voting before they send it to the President-Elect Joe Biden for assessment and signing. This compromise bill narrates $740.5 billion to be utilized for national defense. It will be one of the new policies that the new president oversees after Donald Trump fighting the previous versions of the bill. Initially, Donald Trump was proposing the inclusion of social media companies in the bill. Nevertheless, the Defense committee lodged a complaint stating that the legislation is being used as a tool to pass non-defense concepts. 

The Senate Armed Services Committee briefed that this will be the 60th year of Congress fulfilling its obligations to generate the National Defense Authorization Act that outlines the measures to be followed pursuant to the common defense. The bill has acquired the name of the decorated member of the House Armed Services Committee, William M. Thornberry. Therefore, the law will go with the name William M. “Mac” Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021. Moreover, the NDAA meeting agreement that has emerged after several rejections by the two houses cover the details associated with national security space and the US Space Force. 

First, the bill outlines that the Space Force will not use Navy ranks in leading its staff. The House model of the NDAA structure stated that they should use Navy ranks and grades. However, the Senate version was exclusive of this regulation. The compromise bill enumerates that the Air Force secretary will present to the committees about the leadership structure they intend to implement for Space Force and await approval before setting out the implementation stage. Additionally, the bill recommends the transfer of any other military members to the Space Force, provided they can adjust to the training. Nevertheless, the NDAA requires that the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff must outline the number of experts that should be maintained at each level. 

Furthermore, the bill demands that the Air Force bases intending to shift to Space Force must submit to the congressional defense committees to receive authenticity before making a move. On the other hand, the Pentagon will be detailing the procurement procedures for space systems. Congress is keen to observe the Space Force guidelines to receive the technology that can benefit its operations. Finally, the Air Force secretary will submit a report indicating the procedure they used to identify and set up Space Command headquarters’ location. The Space Force will then initiate the research and development processes to ensure that it remains at par with the technology in space if not procure it from the commercial companies offering it.

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