Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

Virgin Galactic announced that it would be unveiling the colorful suits for the pilots and passengers aboard its SpaceShipTwo vehicle. Virgin Galactic and designer for its spacesuits Under Armour rolled out the new suits for the passengers and pilots of the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft on their mission to orbit in space. The pilot uniforms are an exciting blue color similar to those of the passengers for this mission. 

Virgin Galactic spokesperson stated that the similarity in color indicates that the pilot and the passengers are all one crew or for the unity of goals. Nevertheless, the distinguishing feature is that the pilot spacesuits have black stripes on the sides while those of the passenger are blue. Virgin Galactic reiterated that the black color of the pilot stripes is to narrate the destination where they are heading. 

The clothing weighs about 1 kilogram and is designed from fantastic fabric. Virgin Galactic’s spokesperson enumerated that the company has tested the safety of the spacesuits and found them to be legit. Moreover, the spacesuits offer comfort throughout the different circumstances of the mission. The newest model of SpaceShipTwo spacecraft performed test flights through the previous two years before making a final test this year before takeoff. This final test will be happening on December 11th, when the weather is appropriate. 

The mission will begin from Spaceport America in New Mexico, which is the home for Virgin Galactic’s commercial activities. This mission will be the first to send crewed spacecraft from New Mexico to space. This module’s previous tests took off at Mojave Air and Space Port in California, close to The Spaceship Company. This company is a branch of Virgin Galactic designed to provide services to the customers in this region. 

Dave Mackay and Sturckow will be the leading pilots for the SpaceShipTwo spacecraft mission. The two pilots have already tried on the outfits designed for them by Under Armour and are excited to head out for the mission. Mackay expressed his excitement to wear the latest spacesuits under the Virgin Galactic label. He noted that the suits are the best they have worn since they align with the requirements that the two pilots have always desired in such missions. Mackay is Virgin Galactic’s chief pilot, having led various missions and test flights. In conclusion, Mackay reiterated that the suits give the astronauts a tinkling ready takeoff. He emphasized that he is looking forward to putting on his outfit for this and other missions.

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