Wed. May 12th, 2021

The latest racial injustice protests over the brutal killing of the black people in America have reshaped the approach to the economy of the country. The irregularities associated with racial differences grace many industries, and the renewable energy sector faces it too. The recent turnout of events indicates that the world must change the way it tackles racial problems.

Statistics by the US Energy & Employment Report show that the number of black people and African-American people working in the renewable energy industry is below ten percent. In comparison, whites constitute over 70 percent. The industry is underperforming in reference to the representation of these people in the system. The industry must channel its efforts to support the balancing of the race representations.

The resolution of this problem is a hectic challenge to the industry stakeholders. Resolving the problem would require unrelenting efforts of renewable energy developers and companies. The companies have been tasked with identifying incidences, resolving those they can resolve, and forward those they can’t tackle to the agencies handling similar cases.

Close to 12 organizations in the renewable energy industry have formed the Renewables Forward Initiative to tackle such issues and ensure racial inclusivity in all renewable energy systems. The initiative forms the basic portfolio that the industry will be working with for the time being until they make it a committed body.

One of the companies in the process of restructuring to cover up for these inadequacies is Leyline. The company is addressing the downplayed racial injustices by developing a system that allows black students to join the institution and other gender diverse people to meet the outcry affecting the operations of the company.

The company hopes that it can remove the racial differences brought by employing many whites before it can agree to recognition as companies observing racial and gender equity. The company is calling on its allies in the renewable energy industry to start observing these regulations to stimulate innovation and accommodate growth in all dimensions. 

Leyline is working out its plan by conducting fairs and exhibitions to recruit employees from a variety of races beginning with the high school students. Students are trained on some crucial skills to make them viable for acceptance into different fields of expertise.

In conclusion, Leyline is restructuring the hiring process to ensure that people from all races are allowed to work in the renewable energy industry. The company is welcoming any ideas that can bring in qualified people and maintain racial equality.

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